Aluminium tile profiles (sections)

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A tile transition strip is needed when joining two areas that are covered with tile, or when transitioning from tile to another type of flooring surface. Transition strips are especially important with tile flooring because they protect the edge of the tile from breaking or chipping.

Tile profiles are indispensable in the finishing process because with their help the tile can be fixed, joints and edges can be sealed, and an aesthetic appearance can be provided to the room. Aluminum profiles of Braz Line are suitable for both - external and internal use because they are moisture resistant.

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Aluminium tile trims by Braz Line are manufactured from the AD-31 aluminium alloy (EN AW 6060) and AD-35 aluminium alloy (EN AW 6082). These aluminum decorative profiles for ceramic, are available in different:

  • Dimensions (14 x 20 mm, 11 x 20 mm, 9 x 18 mm, 9 x 13 mm, 11 x 31 mm, etc.)

  • Shapes (staircase shape, square, L-shaped, T-shaped, with external angle, etc.)

  • Colours (gold, silver, bronze, etc.)

  • Special features (with punched mounting element placed under tile, a mounting part with stamping «circle», etc.)

Aluminium tile profiles produced by the Braz Line can be used for various applications, such as the staircase outer angles, glazed tile joints, between the glazed tile and carpet flooring, ends of the coatings and joints between them, and joints of different surfaces.


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