A brand new experience for the materials industry

Matmatch is a materials search platform that connects engineers and material suppliers through the most comprehensive materials database in the world.

Our mission

We connect engineers, product designers and procurement teams with the best materials and suppliers for their job.

Our mission

“As an engineer myself, I know how important data is when selecting a material. That’s why material data is a core element of Matmatch and why we want to make it accessible to as many people as possible.”


Marco Musto

Material Data Lead

Our vision

We want to inspire people to build better products by changing the way the world discovers and uses materials.

Our vision

“Material selection is a critical element in new product development. We think Matmatch can play an important role in making the process of material selection more efficient.”


Inga Toma

Product Lead

Discover, compare and evaluate over 31000 materials


Christophe Carrié

CEO, Matmatch GmbH

Coming from a traditional manufacturing company, I know the challenges facing both suppliers and engineers when it comes to sourcing the right materials.

People are now primarily obtaining their materials information online and we want to make sure that information is truly reliable. By combining this with making the process of connecting materials suppliers and engineers so much easier, we’re seeing huge interest and we know we’ve hit on something big.

Do get in touch if you are interested to explore working with us.

Meet the team

See some of the people behind the platform

Christophe Carrié


Manuel Geitner


Marco Musto

Material Data Lead

Joshua Devlin

Senior Material Data Engineer

Giovanni Martínez

Senior UX / UI Designer

Lindsay Lydon

Sales and Customer Success Lead

Ben Smye

Head of Growth and Marketing

Madalina Bidilita

Senior Engineer

Our values

These are the core values that define the way we work and our company culture

Collaborate & Connect

Collaborate & Connect

We strive to build strong connections in our team, with users of our product and between material suppliers & engineers

Embrace Change

Embrace Change

We stay open-minded and want to drive digital change in the materials industry

Stay Curious

Stay Curious

We are excited to discover new possibilities and learn more about the fascinating world of materials

Interested in joining our team?

We are a multicultural team of smart and curious individuals, with a diverse mix of experience across materials science, startups, and enterprise businesses.