Hazy Biaxially Oriented Polyester Film 50µm (ES301231)



A hazy untreated polyester film with excellent flatness and high roughness on both surfaces for good processability



Density ρ

1.4 g/cm³ at 20 °C

ASTM D1505

Film yield Yfilm

14.3 m²/kg at 20 °C

Surface density ρsurf

6.999999999999999E-3 g/cm² at 20 °C

Surface roughness RMS

0.4 μm

DIN 4768


Thickness t

0.05 mm


Elongation A

150 % at 20 °C

ASTM D882-80

Elongation, transverse A

150 % at 20 °C

ASTM D882-80

Tensile strength Rm

19.4 MPa at 20 °C

ASTM D882-80

Tensile strength, transverse Rm,trans

19.4 MPa at 20 °C

ASTM D882-80


Coefficient of thermal expansion α

1.9E-5 1/K at 50 °C

Coefficient of thermal expansion, transverse αtrans

1.6E-5 1/K at 50 °C

Melting point Tm

255 - 260 °C

ASTM E794-85


Haze H

10 %

ASTM D1003

Luminous transmittance t

87 [-]

ASTM D1003-77 (Gardner hazemeter)

Technological properties


The key features are: High dimensional stability and excellent flatness, superb machinability due to surface roughness characteristics, certified UL746B (105°C), available in both reels and sheets

This material data has been provided by Goodfellow.

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