Hot Isotactic Pressed Boron Nitride >99.0% Purity



Hot isotactic pressed Boron Nitride (HIP BN) is a high purity, hot isostatic pressed Boron Nitride material. This advanced material has excellent thermal shock resistance and very low thermo-cycling behaviour combined with low thermal expansion.

HIP BN has a high chemical resistance to glass and molten metals and maintains its low frictional properties even at high temperatures.

HIP BN also has high dielectric strength and excellent electrical resistivity. It exhibits low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. In addition, it is easily machined.



Density ρ

2.2 g/cm³ at 20 °C


Compressive strength Rmc

142 MPa at 25 °C

Flexural strength σbend

45 MPa at 25 °C

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Coefficient of thermal expansion α

5.85E-6 1/K at 1000 °C

Max service temperature Tmax

850 °C

in air

Max service temperature, inert Tmax,inert

1400 °C

Thermal conductivity λ

47 W/(m·K) at 20 °C

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Dielectric strength EDS

19.6 kV/mm at 20 °C

Electrical resistivity ρel

3.00E+19 Ω·m at 25 °C

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Chemical properties


Weight %



55.9 %


42.6 %


0.5 %


0.2 %

Boric Oxides


0.05 %

Technological properties

Application areas

Electrical insulators for high power transistors and thyristors; Electrical insulators for high temperatures and high voltages; Electrical insulators and vacuum feedthroughs in high temperature furnaces; Breakrings for horizontal casting; Thermocouple protection tubes; Crucibles and rollers for molten glass and metals; Nozzles for non-ferrous metals; Channel and pump components for molten metals; Evaporator boats; Linings in plasma champers

Processing history

Hot isostatic pressing

This material data has been provided by Goodfellow.

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