About Aludium

With more than 60 years of experience, Aludium is a leader in the manufacture of flat rolled aluminium. The company, which has more than 900 employees, uses a highly specialised production process to create high quality aluminium sheets and coils. Aludium’s products are distributed to global customers active in the architectural, energy and insulation, equipment, packaging, and transportation sectors. Our short lead times and unique logistic concepts are highly appreciated by our customers. The sustainability of our operations is a part of Aludium’s DNA. That starts with keeping our people safe and encompasses our operations. Major investments in our recycling capacity (including state-of-the-art rotary and multi-chamber furnaces) will reduce Aludium’s emissions by 340,000 tonnes/year of CO2-equivalent. Aludium can produce up to 300,000 tonnes of alloys from the 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, and 8xxx families at its three plants in Alicante and Amorebieta (Spain) and Castelsarrasin (France). Through its world-leading Cindal R&D centre in Alicante, Aludium excels in the development of innovative processes and products.

Company profile


Alicante, Spain


601-800M USD

Number of employees


Year founded





• Litho : manufacturing process to produce litho sheet. • Isodecorandum : apparatus and method for imparting selected topographies to aluminium sheet metal and applications. • Texturandum : method for engraving aluminium surfaces. • Fine-Grain : method for laminating aluminium for fine-grain applications.


• Architectural, automotive trim & components, food & cosmetic packaging, energy & insulation, equipment & devices

Processing capabilities

Casting ingots, Hot & Cold Rolling, Levelling, Slitting • Surface finishes : Decorandum®, Texturandum®, Bright finishes.

Quality certifications

ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Cindal R&D : EN 17025


ISO 9001

, IATF 16949

, ISO 14001

, OHSAS 18001

, EN 17025

Extra services

Via Cindal (the Aludium R&D department): R&D services, benchmarking, chemical audits, material specification, process optimisation, quality monitoring, sample analysis, prototyping, training

Grades provided by the supplier

Grade Shape Equivalent Materials Standard / Norm 

AA 1020

Coil, Sheet

AA 1020, EN AW-1020, DIN Al99.20

EN 485-2

AA 1050A

Coil, Sheet, Strip

AA 1050A, EN AW-1050A, DIN Al99.5

EN 573-1, EN 573-2, EN 573-3, EN 485-2, EN 546-2, EN 683-2

AA 1070A

Coil, Sheet, Strip

AA 1070A, EN AW-1070A, DIN Al99.7

EN 573-1, EN 573-2, EN 573-3, EN 485-2

AA 1080A

Coil, Sheet, Strip

AA 1080A, EN AW-1080A, DIN Al99.8

EN 573-1, EN 573-2, EN 573-3, EN 485-2

AA 1085

Coil, Sheet, Strip

AA 1085, EN AW-1085, DIN Al99.85

AA 1085A

Coil, Sheet, Strip

AA 1085A, EN AW-1085, DIN Al99.85

AA 1090

Coil, Sheet, Strip

AA 1090, EN AW-1090

EN 573-1, EN 573-2, EN 573-3

AA 1100

Coil, Sheet, Foil

AA 1100, EN AW-1100, DIN Al99.0Cu

EN 573-1, EN 573-2, EN 573-3, EN 683-2, ASTM B209

AA 1200

Coil, Sheet, Foil

AA 1200, EN AW-1200, DIN Al99.0

EN 573-1, EN 573-2, EN 573-3, EN 485-2, EN 546-2

AA 1350

Coil, Sheet

AA 1350, EN AW-1350, DIN Al99.5

EN 573-1, EN 573-2, EN 573-3, EN 485-2

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Aludium Alicante

Avda. de Elche, 109

E-03008 Alicante

Aludium Amorebieta

Barrio Ibarguren s/n

E-48340 Amorebieta, Vizcaya

Cindal R&D

Avda. de Elche, 109

E-03008 Alicante


Aludium Castelsarrasin

294 chemin de Lavalette

82100 Castelsarrasin