EN 10209 Grade HC300EK

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HC300EK is a cold rolled enamelling steel grade with guaranteed minimum yield strength that retains its mechanical properties after deformation and enamel firing. This grade can be used for both one-side and two-side enamelling.

The use of HC300EK grade enables steel thicknesses to be reduced whilst avoiding deformation of the parts after enamel firing. This grade can replace hot rolled steel in the manufacture of water heater tanks. After manufacture, parts like these are generally subjected to a cyclic fatigue test under pressure, during which they must not be deformed. The use of HC300EK grade thus makes it possible to reduce thicknesses to a lower level than is possible with hot rolled steel.

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20 %

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Tensile strength

360 - 480 MPa

Show Supplier Material materials with Tensile strength of 360 - 480 MPa

As delivered

Yield strength

280 - 380 MPa

Show Supplier Material materials with Yield strength of 280 - 380 MPa

As delivered | The guaranteed minimum yield strength after 5% deformation and enamel firing is 300 MPa

Chemical properties



0.075 %

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0.5 %

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0.006 %

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0.075 %

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0.5 %

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0.025 %

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Technological properties

Application areas

HC300EK grade is particularly suitable for the manufacture of water heater tanks. It can also be used for flat parts for household items (dripping pans, baking trays) and shower trays or for manufacturing architectural panels for building interiors or exteriors.

Chemical composition

The manufacturing conditions guarantee very good resistance to “fish scale” defects (TH > 100 in accordance with EN 10209).



Surface treatment:

The parts must be degreased before enamelling. When enamel containing a low level of adhesion oxides is used (e.g. water heater tank using Ni-free enamel), sand blasting or pickling may be necessary.

Enamel application and firing:

HC300EK grade is compatible with all the common enamelling processes: wet spraying, electrostatic liquid or powder enamelling. Both ground and conventional enamelling processes are feasible.

Where wet application is used, it is imperative to dry the enamel layer before firing.

Enamel firing is carried out at 830°C.


HC300EK grade can easily be welded, whatever the welding process may be. Other joining processes (clinching, crimping) may also be used.

Processing methods

HC300EK grade can be formed by bending, profiling or light drawing.