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99% Beryllium-oxide

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Beryllium Oxide (BeO), which is commonly referred to as Beryllia, is endowed with a virtuously unique combination of thermal, electrical, optical, and mechanical properties which may be exploited for a diverse range of applications.

BeO provides all the desirable physical and dielectric characteristics exhibited by aluminum oxide or aluminum nitride and, in addition, offers thermal conductivity ten times higher than alumina, and fifty percent higher than aluminum nitride, a dielectric constant that is lower than both alumina and aluminum nitride, and weight per given volume that is fully a quarter less than alumina, and nearly ten percent less than aluminum nitride. As a thermally conductive and electrically insulating material, its performance is exceeded only by that of diamond.





2.85 g/cm³ at 20 °C


Flexural strength


190 MPa at 20 °C


Coefficient of thermal expansion


7E-6 - 8.5E-6 1/K at 20 °C

Thermal conductivity


240 W/(m·K) at 20 °C

Thermal shock parameter R2 R2

0-800°C no cracking phenomenon


Dielectric constant


6.9 [-] at 20 °C

Electrical resistivity


1.00E+16 Ω·m at 20 °C

Loss tangent


4E-4 [-] at 20 °C

Technological properties

Application areas

Medical: Gas lasers for DNA and tissue analysis, Confocal and wide field fluorescence microscopy equipment, Portable defibrillators, Telecom Infrastructure, Transistors and terminations in the wireless system - Lasers: High end laser diodes for commercial systems, Industrial laser metal cutting and marking equipment, Long range fiber optic transmission - Semiconductor handling equipment: End-effectors and arm components, Wafer chucks, Crucibles for high temperature melting - Energy: Oil and gas exploration, In situ X-ray analysis for down-hole drilling, Concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems Optoelectronics, Transmitters, receivers, modulators, and switches, Power amplifiers and drivers - Military and Aerospace: Radar modules, Guidance modules, Microwave and millimeter-wave communications modules - Wireless Communications: Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, Satellite communication modules

Processing methods

Cold Isostatic Press, Dry Press, Tape Casting ,Precision Machining Processing

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