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Autoclave Epoxy Prepreg T107

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T107 is a prepreg based on epoxy resin and reinforcing filler (unidirectional tapes or fabrics of various weaving) for producing details with operating temperatures up to 150 °C. It shows the following features and properties:

  • High mechanical performance
  • High resistance to impact and cracking
  • Glass transition temperature 155°C
  • Properties


    Water absorption


    3.57 % at 20 °C

    for 54h to boiling water


    Plane-Strain Fracture Toughnes


    ASTM D5045

    Strain energy release GIC

    ASTM D5045


    Glass transition temperature


    175 °C

    ASTM E2092

    Technological properties

    Application areas

    High-loaded automotive parts;Sports equipment: Bicycle, frame, wheels, seat, seat post, handlebar, head stem and crank arm of a sports bicycle are made of carbon composite;Geometry strengthen elements: Experimental stringer panel;High-loaded aircraft parts: Aircraft engine hoods

    Processing methods

    Heating 2°С/min in 1 bar pressure up to 150°С. Then expose it for 30 min. Heating again at 2°С/min in 2 bar pressure up to 150°С. Then expose it for 180 min and pressure 3-6 bar. Last step is cooling with 5°С/min to 50°С.

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