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The association of producers, suppliers and consumers of aluminium (Russian Aluminium Association) unites companies that produce aluminium and aluminium-based products. The association’s activities are aimed at creating optimal services to develop the aluminium industry and the aluminium sector. The Association manages more than thirty large-scale projects, with the aim to expand aluminium consumption in Russia, increase the share of national aluminium production in the domestic market and increase export potential of Russian aluminium companies. Key focus areas of the Association: (1) support of innovative development of the Russian industry, creation of services for the arrival of new production, technology and products; (2) legal framework improvement that regulates aluminium application in mechanical engineering, construction and energy industries; (3) optimization of work mechanisms in the domestic aluminium market, opposing counterfeiting and falsification; (4) improving the competitiveness of Russian companies in both domestic and global markets; (5) educational programmes development and implementation.

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Moscow, Russia

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Aluminium, Metallurgy

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Russian Aluminium Association

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