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Your end product is cookware, lighting, ventilation; or your process is spinning, hydroforming, or deep-drawing, Meyer has a product specifically designed for your application.

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New Territories, Hong Kong SAR China


Manufacturer and Processor


ISO 9001

, IEC 17025

, ISO 17025

Grades provided by the supplier

Grade Shape Equivalent Materials Standard / Norm 

AA 1050

Coil, Sheet

AA 1050, EN AW-1050

AA 1070

Coil, Sheet

AA 1070, EN AW-1070

AA 1080

Coil, Sheet

AA 1080, EN AW-1080

AA 1085

Coil, Sheet

AA 1085, EN AW-1085

AA 1090

Coil, Sheet

AA 1090, EN AW-1090

AA 1100

Coil, Sheet

AA 1100, EN AW-1100

AA 1200

Coil, Sheet

AA 1200, EN AW-1200

AA 3002

Coil, Sheet

AA 3002, EN AW-3002

AA 3003

Coil, Sheet

AA 3003, EN AW-3003

AA 3004

Coil, Sheet

AA 3004, EN AW-3004

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Hong Kong SAR China

Hong Kong

5 Dai Li Street, Tai Po Industrial Estat

999077 New Territories