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Shenyang Rongrong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the structural/functional metallic materials dedicated to R&D and applications of biomedical metal materials.

Since its creation, Rongrong has developed many novel structural/functional materials and products with independent intellectual property rights, including “INCO” series super austenitic antibacterial stainless steel, antibacterial titanium alloys, biodegradable magnesium alloy and high strength and high toughness maraging steel like integrated structural/functional materials. These novel bio-functional materials have broad application prospects in civil, medical, aerospace, and many other fields.

At present, Rongrong has about 20 members research team, including 13 PhDs and 6 master’s degree holders. By establishing a joint R&D laboratory an implementing resource sharing and open project system, Ronrong has attracted many experts and scholars from Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China Medical University, Northeastern University like renowned institutions for research collaborations. Rongrong has applied for 10 national invention patents and been successfully granted 9 of them, also 6 utility model patents have been authorized, while 12 SCI indexed papers have been published in the well-known international journals. In addition, Rongrong has been recognized by the China Health Industry Association and is a member of antibacterial association since 2017.

Rongrong adheres to "People oriented, honesty and innovative Future" concept, committed to realize the goal of ubiquitous antibacterial products green living in future, aspiring to become a subverter of traditional metal materials and a guide for structural/functional metal materials.

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