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The most important buyers of our flat products are vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, tube and large tube manufacturers, cold rolling mills, retailers and the construction industry. In an integrated iron and steel works, we produce hot wide strip, steel strip, strip sheet, cold thin sheet and surface-refined products with a thickness of 0.4 to 25 mm and a width of up to 2,000 mm. The production program includes drawing, deep-drawing and special deep-drawing steels, construction and fine-grain steels as well as high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels. In addition to the steels mentioned above, the delivery program of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH also includes other innovative products such as high-strength micro-alloyed steels and multi-phase steels e.g. B. for use in crash-relevant areas of the vehicle body high-strength martensite phase steels e.g. B. for the production of side impact beams to increase occupant protection in the passenger compartment Starting material for the production of pipes z. B. for hydroforming organic thin-film coated sheet metal with improved corrosion protection properties, especially for use in body cavities and flanges electrolytically and hot-dip galvanized sheet metal with the best surface quality, e.g. B. for automotive skin parts.

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Salzgitter,Lower Saxony, Germany


Manufacturer and Processor


IATF 16949

, ISO 9001

, ISO 45001

, ISO 14001

, ISO 50001

Grades provided by the supplier

Grade Shape Equivalent Materials Standard / Norm 

Allwesta 360

Strip, Coil

EN S235J0W, EN 1.8958, AFNOR E24W-3

EN 10025-5, NFA 35-502

Allwesta 360 F

Strip, Coil

EN S235J2W, EN 1.8961, DIN WTSt 37-3, AFNOR E24W-4

EN 10025-5, SEW 087, NFA 35-502

Allwesta 510

Strip, Coil

EN S355J0W, EN 1.8959, AFNOR E36WB3, BS WR50B, ASTM A588 Grade A, ASTM A588 Grade B, ASTM A588 Grade K, JIS SMA50AW

EN 10025-5, NFA 35-502, ASTM A242, JIS G3114, BS 4360

Allwesta 510 F

Strip, Coil

EN S355J2W, EN 1.8965, DIN WTSt 52-3, AFNOR E36WB4, BS WR50C, JIS SMA50CP

EN 10025-5, NFA 35-502, JIS G3114, BS 4360, SEW 087

Allwesta 510 F 40

Strip, Coil

EN S355K2W, EN 1.8967

EN 10025-5

Allwesta 510 FP

Strip, Coil

EN S355J0WP, EN 1.8945, AFNOR E36WA3, BS WR50A

EN 10025-5, NFA 35-502, ASTM A242

Allwesta 510 P

Strip, Coil

EN S355J0WP, EN 1.8945, AFNOR E36WA3, BS WR50A

EN 10025-5, NFA 35-502, BS 4360

ASTM A414 Grade C

Strip, Coil

ASTM A414 Grade C

BS 1501, ASTM A414

ASTM A516 Grade 55

Strip, Coil

ASTM A516 Grade 55


ASTM A516 Grade 60

Strip, Coil

ASTM A516 Grade 60

BS 1501, ASTM A516

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Eisenhüttenstraße 99

38239 Salzgitter,Lower Saxony