About Ugitech

Ugitech is one of the world's leading manufacturers of stainless steel long products.

The company's main products are: billets, bars, wire rod and drawn wire, which the company manufactures in its own steelworks and transforms in its hot rolling mills, finishing shops and wire drawing plants.

Stainless steels are characterized by their high mechanical properties and their corrosion resistance. They are used for the manufacture of a multitude of parts, including valves, turbine components, welding rods, automotive injectors or surgical devices.

With more than 110 years of experience in steel manufacturing and continuous research in the field of metallurgy, the company guarantees optimal steel solutions for the demanding applications of its customers from the automotive, construction, process industry as well as the aerospace, nuclear and medical sectors.


UGIMA® - Creating productivity

Easy Machining

The UGIMA® and UGIMA® HM or XL grades can:

  • increase productivity by between 10% and 50%, depending on the grades*
  • double tool life**
  • provide performance levels that can be repeated from one batch to another

All this, by improving chip breakability and the surface finish of the parts.
With UGIMA® grades, this real achievement (performance level) is accessible to all types of machines and tools.

*with a constant tool lifetime – **after optimising cutting conditions

More than 30 UGIMA® grades are available

Technical support

Experts available throughout the world to help you. They can provide you with information and help you optimise your back-office or in-situ cutting conditions.

The UGIMA® solution and Ugitech’s technical support are unsurpassed!


UGIGRIP®… Choosing durability

Sustainable management of our heritage is an ethical and ecological necessity. It is also an economic imperative, which requires achieving the lowest possible life-cycle cost over the structure's service life.

In the most exposed parts of the structure, stainless steel reinforcing bars are the most efficient solution to ensure the durability of concrete. Stainless steel rebars are used for repairs and for new works, partially or completely replacing carbon steels, both in precast products and for the execution of cast-in-situ structures.

The UGIGRIP® range provides a guarantee of:

In addition to their excellent corrosion resistance which ensures a long service life for structures over several decades, the UGIGRIP® range provides a guarantee of:

  • Higher mechanical properties than with conventional steel, which allows the use of smaller cross sections or a reduction in reinforcement (meaning weight and labour savings);
  • Mechanical properties – yield strength and elongation – meeting the requirements of Eurocode 8, class M for earthquake-resistant construction;
  • A selection of non-magnetic stainless steels for buildings where this property is required: hospitals, banks, airports, meteorological stations, etc.
  • Mechanical properties at high temperature – tensile and creep – exceeding those of conventional steels, giving improved fire resistance;
  • A very low thermal conductivity which gives this product exceptional properties for treating thermal bridges.

UGIGRIP® products can be delivered in various forms:

  • Indented wire coils
  • Indented bars
  • Wire ties dia. 0.8 mm or 1.2 mm



Through its brands, Ugitech develops for its customers, a range of economic and successful grades.


    the only ferritic stainless steel equivalent to the austenitics for welding and assembly on exhaust lines.
  • EXHAUST® F1 Evolution : After the worldwide success of EXHAUST® F1 (430 LNb), Ugitech features a new evolution of MIG welding wire for exhaust lines: 430 LNbE.


Grades with high mechanical properties.


The UGI® grades offer all possible options in terms of grade, diameter, end finishing, and quantity. They are available ex-works or ex-stock.


Alloy welding wires.


UGICHROM® combines the high effi ciency of micro fissuring chromium plating with the technology of Ugitech's most advanced bars. For our customers, this guaranteed zero-defect solution is indispensable for many cutting edge applications (offshore, nuclear, wind power, aeronautics, etc.).


A wire that lasts, doesn’t stretch out of shape, and practically eliminates maintenance.
Breaking loads : UGIFIL® Over 135 kg/mm².
Elongation : UGIFIL® Less than 3 %.


A complete range of products used for concrete rebars. These stainless steel rebars are the solution to the problems encountered today in building and construction. They guarantee safety, durability, reduced maintenance costs andimproved living conditions. UGIGRIP®


Martensitic and ferritic grades characterized by their excellent levels of mechanical or magnetic properties.


Our range of improved machinability grades recognized by users. This process allows unparalleled cutting conditions and tool wear levels without affecting the intrinsic properties of the grades. We offer a growing range in a UGIMA® version.


The generation of UGIMA® that gives an additional boost to the productivity of grades 1.4305,1.4404, and 1.4307.


The optimum magnetism/machinability compromise in stainless steel.


An excellent compromise between corrosion resistance and the mechanical properties of the austeno-ferritic grades (Duplex).


Obtained with the ESR process, these stainless refractory products with improved cleanliness and structure respond to the strictest requirements of high-tech industries.


Our isoscele triangles mainly dedicated to Oil & Gas filtration.

UGI® Slick

The "must-have" for Slicklines in the Oil & Gas industry.
All Slick lines are 100 % Eddy Current tested before delivery to ensure that surfaces are free of cracks, and now an additional process has been added to detect defects under the surface, which is not normally possible with EC testing.
Ugitech can offer a wide range of grades, including Austenitic Stainless Steels, Duplex and Super Duplex grades and Nickel or Cobalt based alloys.


Stainless steel welding wires.

Company profile


Ugine Cedex, France


601-800M USD

Number of employees


Year founded





Ugitech patents portfolio consists of 19 granted patents and 9 pending patents.

Quality certifications

ISO 9001; IATF 16949; EN 9100; EN 9120; ISO 13485; ISO 17025

Environment certifications

ISO 14001, ISO 50001


ISO 9001

, IATF 16949

, EN 9100

, EN 9120

, ISO 13485

, ISO 17025

, ISO 14001

, ISO 50001

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Grades provided by the supplier

Grade Shape Equivalent Materials Standard / Norm 

The UGI 4313

Bar, Rod, Wire

JIS SUSF6NM, DIN 1.4313, ISO X3CrNiMo13-4, EN X3CrNiMo13-4, DIN X3CrNiMo13-4, ISO 4313-415-00-I, EN 1.4313, UNS S41500

ISO 15510

UGI 202N-Grade 1

Wire, Rod, Bar

JIS SUS202, DIN 1.4374, UNS S20200, AISI 202, EN 1.4374, DIN X8CrMnNiN18-9-5, EN X8CrMnNiN18-9-5

EN 10088-3

UGI 209

Bar, Wire, Rod

DIN 1.4455, UNS S20910, ASTM XM-19, EN X2CrNiMnMoN20-16, EN 1.4455, DIN X2CrNiMnMoN20-16

NACE MR 0175

UGI 316Ti

Bar, Rod, Wire

DIN 1.4571, UNS S31635, AISI 316Ti, AFNOR Z6CNDT17-12, DIN X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2, EN X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2, EN 1.4571, JIS SUS316Ti, SS 2350, BS 320S31

EN 10088-3, ASTM A240, ASTM A182, EN 10272

UGI 4029

Bar, Wire, Rod

AISI 420F, EN X29CrS13, DIN X29CrS13, DIN 1.4029, EN 1.4029, EN 1.4020

EN 10088-3

UGI 4057 AIR


AISI 431, EN 1.4057, DIN X15CrNi17-3, SS 2321, DIN 1.4057, BS S80, UNS S43100, DIN X17CrNi16-2, JIS SUS431, ASTM S43100, EN X17CrNi16-2, EN X15CrNi17-3, AFNOR Z15CN17-03, DIN 1.4044

EN 10088-3, EN 3490, AFNOR 9160C

UGI 4062

Bar, Wire, Rod

UNS S32202, Alloy 2202, DIN 1.4062, EN 1.4062, AFNOR X2CrNiN22-2

UGI 4105

Bar, Billet

DIN 1.4105, EN X6CrMoS17, EN 1.4105, DIN X6CrMoS17, AISI 430F

EN 10088-3, ASTM A582, ASTM F899

UGI 4114

Bar, Wire, Rod, Billet

EN X6CrMo19-2, EN 1.4114, UNS S18200, DIN X6CrMo19-2, ASTM XM-34, DIN 1.4114


UGI 4116N

Bar, Rod, Wire

EN 1.4116, DIN X50CrMoV15, DIN 1.4116, AFNOR 1.4116, EN X50CrMoV15

EN 10088-3, NFA-36-711, SEW 400

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