Multilayer Graphene GR006096 (≥ 99% purity)



Graphene Powder is obtained in proprietary plasma reactors by cracking greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, using advanced microwave plasma chemistry. This process ensures that the Graphene Powder has no additive, surfactant, catalyst or metal impurities. This Green process is taking place by converting methane, a greenhouse gas that is a harmful by-product of ubiquitous processes like farming, landfills and palm oil milling.

The great electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and mechanical strength of this product has proven to be an important feature in research and development of a wide range of applications spanning power supply, aviation, automotive, construction etc.

These Green Graphene nanoplatelets are very thin and slightly crumpled and they do not stack, ensuring optimal electrical, thermal and mechanical performance. Thus, this product is an extremely good nanofiller suitable for electronic inks, polymers, metal composites and coating.



Bulk density ρbulk

0.18 - 0.2 g/cm³ at 20 °C

Flake thickness tFlake

43470 nm

Lateral flake size wFlake

250 - 550 nm

Layer number nLayer

3 - 15 [-]

Pore volume Vpore

0.06 cm³/g

Specific surface area Asurf,specific

125 - 135 m²/g


Electrical conductivity σel

900 - 1050 S/m at 20 °C

Chemical properties


Weight %



98.9 - 99.1 %


0.68 - 0.72 %


0.55 - 0.57 %


0.16 - 0.28 %

Technological properties

Processing history

No catalyst impurities

This material data has been provided by Goodfellow.

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