EN 12451 Grade CuZn28Sn1As O50

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CuZn28Sn1As (CW706R former identification: CuZn28Sn1) is an unhardenable copper alloy. High hardness and strength parameter are achievable by cold forming only. Tin increases corrosion resistance and improves sliding qualities. CuZn28Sn1As is dezincification resistant and resistant to river and industrial water. Processing properties: warm forming: good cold forming: moderately machinability: moderately hard soldering: moderately soft soldering: very good TIG-welding: good burnishing: very good This special brass material is predominantly applicated in the form of tubes for freshwater carrying pipes or for heat-exchanger. To the operating conditions applies that the content of solute substances in cooling water is not allowed to exceed 0,1% and the pH-value for water is not allowed to decrease below 7,0. In the case of corrosion attack due to sedimentations tubes made of CW706R are more resistant than tubes of binary copper-zinc alloys. The material is applicable for water speeds up to 2m/s. Further application for bottoms and plates for condenser and other heat-transformer, ribbed tubes as well as for cooler in on shore appliances.

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20.0 °C

8.56 g/cm³

Show Material materials with Density of 8.56 g/cm³



Elastic modulus

20.0 °C

110 GPa

Show Material materials with Elastic modulus of 110 GPa


20.0 °C

55 %

Show Material materials with Elongation of 55 %

Hardness, Vickers

20.0 °C

60 [-]

Show Material materials with Hardness, Vickers of 60 [-]

Shear modulus

20.0 °C

41 GPa

Show Material materials with Shear modulus of 41 GPa

Tensile strength

20.0 °C

320 MPa

Show Material materials with Tensile strength of 320 MPa

Yield strength Rp0.2

20.0 °C

100 MPa

Show Material materials with Yield strength Rp0.2 of 100 MPa



Coefficient of thermal expansion

200.0 °C

1.95E-5 1/K

Show Material materials with Coefficient of thermal expansion of 1.95E-5 1/K

Melting point

875 - 1075 °C

Show Material materials with Melting point of 875 - 1075 °C

Typical for Wrought Copper Brass

Specific heat capacity

20.0 °C

377 J/(kg·K)

Show Material materials with Specific heat capacity of 377 J/(kg·K)

Thermal conductivity

20.0 °C

109 W/(m·K)

Show Material materials with Thermal conductivity of 109 W/(m·K)



Electrical conductivity

20.0 °C

1.41E+7 S/m

Show Material materials with Electrical conductivity of 1.41E+7 S/m

Electrical resistivity

20.0 °C

7.1E-8 Ω·m

Show Material materials with Electrical resistivity of 7.1E-8 Ω·m

Chemical properties



0.02 - 0.035 %

Show Material materials with Arsenic of 0.02 - 0.035 %


70 - 72.5 %

Show Material materials with Copper of 70 - 72.5 %


0.07 %

Show Material materials with Iron of 0.07 %


0.07 %

Show Material materials with Lead of 0.07 %


0.1 %

Show Material materials with Manganese of 0.1 %


0.1 %

Show Material materials with Nickel of 0.1 %


0.01 %

Show Material materials with Phosphorus of 0.01 %


0.9 - 1.3 %

Show Material materials with Tin of 0.9 - 1.3 %