ASTM A1008 HSLA Grade 80 Brass-plated

Alternative and trade names
Brass electroplated steel
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Tata Steel offers a range of cold-rolled steel strip products electroplated with brass. These products have excellent performance features and provide a cost-effective alternative to solid brass.

Our brass-plated steel products are used in numerous applications from sporting ammunition to household goods. Their consistent quality enables trouble-free processing.

Our cold-rolled steel strip is manufactured to consistently tight dimensional tolerances. Stringent process control ensures excellent adhesion of the pure brass layer during electroplating. The finished product has a brass layer that is uniform, clean and free of oxides. Our products are available in a choice of surface finish to suit your applications.

Tata Steel’s brass-plated steel strip products offer significant benefits for your processing operations. They have outstanding formability. Their deep-drawing properties enable reliable production of components in demanding shapes.

For added benefits, we can tailor our products to meet your exact processing and end-product requirements.

Main benefits of our brass-plated steel include:
  • end-products of consistent and reliable quality
  • improved end-product performance
  • trouble-free, repeatable processing
  • minimised waste
  • extended tool life
  • control of substrate and base metal properties

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    Ashby charts


    Chemical properties



    0.15 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Carbon of 0.15 %



    0.15 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Chromium of 0.15 %



    0.2 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Copper of 0.2 %



    1.65 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Manganese of 1.65 %



    0.16 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Molybdenum of 0.16 %



    0.2 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Nickel of 0.2 %



    0.005 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Other of 0.005 %

    min. Cb/Nb


    0.02 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Phosphorus of 0.02 %



    0.025 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Sulfur of 0.025 %



    0.005 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Titanium of 0.005 %



    0.005 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Vanadium of 0.005 %


    Technological properties

    Application areas

  • Sporting ammunition
  • Decorative household products
  • Automotive components

  • Other

    Surface roughness (Ra)
    KR 0 / Appliance FinishRa: ≤ 0.10 μm (exceptionally smooth mirror finish)
    KR 0.5Ra: ≤ 0.20 μm (very smooth bright finish)
    KR 4 / #2 FinishRa: 0.15 - 0.45 μm (smooth finish)
    KR 7 / #1 FinishRa: 0.6 - 1.8 μm (rough finish)
    KR 8 / #1 FinishRa: 1.0 - 2.5 μm (rough matt finish)

    Coil weight
    Strip thickness (mm / inch)max coil weight EU/US
    0.1 – 1.4 / 0.008” – 0.055”10kg/mm coil width (10 KIM) / 700 PIW

    Coil inner diameter (ID)
    mm / inch
    Coil outer diameter (OD)
    mm / inch
    400, 500 / 16”, 20”max. 1368 / 60”

    Coil edge finishes
    Natural edges (#2)strip edges have a mill edge (un-slit edges)
    Slit edges (#3)strip edges have been slit (reduces maximum width by a total of 10mm)
    Sheets cut to lengthstrip cut to a specific length (sheets)
    Straight wound coilsstandard
    Traverse wound coils (a spool)upon request – please consult us

    Delivery conditionThickness range (mm/inch)Plating thickness (μm/µ")Width range (mm/inch)
    LC, C290, C340, C390, C440, C490, C590, C690, 1T (full hard), 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T0.20 – 1.70 / 0.008 - 0.0701.5 - 5.0 / 60 - 2003 - 724 / 0.10 - 28.5

    Packaging size

    Skid Type (2 & 3 runners) Dimensions mm / inch
    Pallet (Eye to sky) Coil Pallet (Eye to the side) 2 - wayMinimum 660 x 660 / 26” x 26”
    4 - wayMaximum 1321 x 1321 / 52” x 52”
    Parameters selected to protect coils from overhanging skids
    Coil No Pallet (Eye to side)Shrouded / Stretch-wrapped

    Other packaging options are available – please consult us.

    Surface Finish

  • Natural brass finish
  • Roughness from smooth to heavy matt
  • Brushed finish

  • Surface protection

  • Our products can be delivered with adhesive protective foils on the surface including among others: oil-resistant PVC foil, PE foil or a special PE foil used for laser-cutting purposes.
  • In addition we apply oil according to your requirements.
  • Other surface protection options are available – please consult us.