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About Tiziri Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - TiziriTech

TiziriTech represents various international companies in the field of advanced manufacturing. These include advanced metal casting, metal powder supply for additive manufacturing, various additive manufacturing systems and numerical modelling capabilities to name just a few.

TiziriTech also has a strong focus on research and development, as well as human capital development through partnerships with local and international universities. Through strategic partnerships with selected service providers, TiZiRi offers the client the right fit technologies for their specific needs.

Company profile


Centurion, South Africa


0-1M USD

Number of employees


Year founded




Processing capabilities

Isotropic surface finishing capabilities using Centrifugal barrel finishing.

Extra services

• Strategic AM consulting,Consulting in engineering, consulting in metallurgy and corrosion. • Metallurgical services • Training portfolio for additive manufactuing technology • Manufacturing for 3D printing services • Metal 3D printing machines supplies ( LMD- WAAM) • Simulation software for additive manufacturing • Project planing • Designs capabilities • Isotropic surface finishing