What is EN 10025 Grade S235JR?

EN 10025 S235JR is a non-alloy, low carbon, manganese-containing structural steel commonly supplied in an untreated or normalised condition. It is available in plate and structural steel profiles.

The EN 10025 standard is a six-part European structural steel standard that describes the properties of various structural steels.

Naming of EN 10025 S235JR

EN 10025 is a European standard specification. It consists of six parts, each dedicated to a specific steel or group of steels. The specification covers hot-rolled structural steel formed in a range of industry-standard cross-sections.

The standard specification includes general requirements, manufacturing processes and heat treatment processes. 

S235JR describes non-alloy structural steels and falls in Part 2 of the EN 10025 specification.

  • The ‘S’ denotes a ‘structural steel’ with a yield strength of 235 MPa.
  • The ‘JR’ designation confirms that the material has undergone a Charpy V-notch impact test at 27 joules at room temperature.

Properties of S235JR

EN 10025 S235JR has a specified chemical composition of 0.17 – 0.20 wt.% carbon (depending on thickness), 1.40 wt.% manganese, 0.55 wt.% copper, 0.012 wt.% nitrogen, 0.04 wt.% phosphorous and 0.04 wt.% sulphur.

Plate thickness has a major impact on elongation and yield strength. Elongation ranges from 26 % for plates less than 40 mm thick to 22% for plates thicker than 100 mm but thinner than 125 mm. Yield strength ranges between 360 and 510 MPa for plates less than 100 mm thick, and 350 – 500 MPa for plates thinner than 125 mm.

Applications of S235JR

S235JR is suitable for welding, bolted connections and riveting. It is readily weldable and bendable and suitable for non-critical structures. Its machinability characteristics are similar to that of mild steel.

It is typically used in the construction of buildings and bridges, vehicle structures, and tools and cutters. Plates are particularly suitable for shipbuilding.

Equivalent grades of EN10025 S235JR

A comprehensive list of equivalent grades to EN 10025 Grade S235JR can be found here.



  • European standard
  • Non-alloy, low-carbon, hot-rolled
  • Structural steel
  • General requirements
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Heat treatment processes
  • Chemical composition
  • Yield strength of 235 MPa