Orgasol® 2002 ES3 NAT 3

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ORGASOL® 2002 ES3 NAT 3 is spheroidal polyamide 12 powder with a narrow particle size distribution and an average diameter of 30µm. ORGASOL® 2002 ES3 NAT 3 has a melting temperature of 177°C. An extremely high level of quality is achieved through rigorous control of the particle size distribution , porosity, ensuring excellent consistency of performance.

ORGASOL® is a range of high performance ultra-fine polyamide powders used as multifunctional additives in coatings, inks, varnishes and technical compounds.

The introduction of ORGASOL® polyamide powders in formulations is easy thanks to their good dispersion capacity, their reduced Impact on rheology and their low density.

ORGASOL® polyamide powders are surface modifiers, specifically designed for gloss control, texture creation and haptic properties adjustment. They also improve blocking resistance and reduce coefficient of friction.

Abrasion, scratch, impact resistances and flexibility of coatings, inks and varnishes and technical compounds can be significantly improved using ORGASOL® polyamide powders.

This material data has been provided by Arkema High Performance Polymers.

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Coarse particles amount

10 %

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max., ISO 13319

Coarse particles size

40 μm

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23.0 °C

0.38 g/cm³

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ISO 1068, apparent density unpacked

Fine particles amount

5 %

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max., ISO 13319

Fine particles size

20 μm

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Median particles size

30 μm

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ISO 13319

Specific surface area

1 m²/g

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ISO 9277



Melting point

177 °C

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ISO 11357-3

Technological properties

Application areas

Main applications:

  • Coil coating
  • Floor coating
  • Wood coating
  • Plastic coating


    Coating Additives,Coating Additives - Coil Coating,Coating Additives - Floor Coating,Coating Additives - Wood Coating

  • Other

    Packaging This grade is delivered in 20kg bag.

    Shelf Life Three years from the date of delivery. For any use after this limit, please refer to our technical services.