Platamid® H 005

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Copolyamide Hot Melt Adhesive / Extrusion Applications

Platamid® H 005 is a standard thermoplastic co-polyamide hot melt adhesive available in pellet form. This medium melt viscosity grade is particularly suitable for manufacturing webs, nets, mono- and multi-filaments, and films by extrusion.

Platamid® H 005 offers a very good adhesion to various polar substrates (thermoplastics, thermosets, metal, natural fibers, etc).

Platamid® H 005 has a very good dry cleaning resistance and washing resistance up to 60°C. This product is available:

  • Dried (H 005 T)
  • Dried with optical brightener (H 005 TA)
  • Un-dried with optical brightener (H 005 FA)


    Platamid® H 005 T is delivered in 25 kg sealed bags. Platamid®H 005 TA is delivered in 25 kg sealed bags and 500 kg sealed big bags (GRVS).Platamid ® H 005 FA is delivered in 500 kg big bags (GRVS or GRVS ALU). These grades are ready to be processed.


    Two years from the date of delivery. For any use above this limit, please refer to our technical services.

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    PropertyValueConditionTesting Standard


    1.07 g/cm³

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    ISO 1183


    PropertyValueConditionTesting StandardComment

    Melting point

    115 °C

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    ISO 11357-1/-3


    Rheological Properties

    PropertyValueConditionTesting StandardComment

    Melt volume-flow rate

    10 cm³/10min

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    ISO 1133


    Technological properties

    Application areas

    Hot Melt Hot Melt Adhesives Automotive Interior - Automotive Interior,Hot Melt Adhesives - Sports Apparel and Underwear,Textile - Others