Barium zirconate (BZO) Powder

Alternative and trade names
BZ, Barium zirconate, Barium zirconium oxide
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BZO is supplied as fine, white submicron powder with a chemical purity > 99% (Phase pure by XRD).

This material data has been provided by Cerpotech.

All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
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Ashby charts




Bulk density

23.0 °C

6.23 g/cm³

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Technological properties

Application areas

dielectric, high voltage application, protonic conductor, solid oxide fuel cell, SOFC.

Chemical composition



Fine, white powder

Crystal structure

Crystal structure at 25°C: Cubic perovskite, Pm-3m

Processing history

Cerpotech applies spray pyrolysis, a soft chemistry technique with a great potential, to produce high quality, multi-component ceramic oxide powders. With this aqueous-based environmentally friendly technology, Cerpotech is able to offer fine complex ceramic oxide powders of tailored compositions with high phase purity, high chemical purity, very high homogeneity, narrow particle distribution, offering excellent properties for further processing at competetive prices.