Rubalit® IS 95

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Rubalit® IS95 is a highly dense technical oxide ceramic material that can be determined by characteristics of hardness and high strength in combination with that of temperature stability. High corrosion against and wear resistance defines the material for excellent usage in various chemical applications.

This material data has been provided by CeramTec.

"Typical" values were obtained via a literature search. "Predicted" values were imputed via artificial intelligence technology. While we have placed significant efforts in ensuring data accuracy, "typical" and "predicted" data should be considered indicative and verified by appropriate material testing. Please do contact us if additional information on the the predicted data method is required.
All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
Equivalent standards are similar to one or more standards provided by the supplier. Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original standard.

Ashby charts



PropertyValueTesting StandardComment

Relative density

3.7 [-]

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PropertyValueTesting StandardComment

Elastic modulus

310 GPa

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EN DIN 843-2


Flexural strength

330 MPa

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EN DIN 843-1

min. | 4-point bending 20/40 mm | spacing 46x4x3 mm specimen size | ground surface 20°C

Hardness, Vickers, 0.5

1100 [-]

Show Supplier Material materials with Hardness, Vickers, 0.5 of 1100 [-]

EN DIN 843-4

Hardness, Vickers, 10

1050 [-]

Show Supplier Material materials with Hardness, Vickers, 10 of 1050 [-]

EN DIN 843-4

Poisson's ratio

0.22 - 0.24 [-]

Show Supplier Material materials with Poisson's ratio of 0.22 - 0.24 [-]

EN DIN 843-2

Weibull modulus

15 [-]

Show Supplier Material materials with Weibull modulus of 15 [-]



Technological properties

Application areas

Heat sink application

CeramCool® heat-sinks are an effective combination of circuit board and heat-sink for the reliable cooling of thermally sensitive components and circuits. They enable the direct and permanent connection of components and are excellently suited for thermal management and cooling of high-power LEDs, photovoltaic systems or high-performance circuits in high-power electronics. In addition to minimizing thermal resistance, eliminating additional layers and thus thermal barriers also reduces the number of components and potential sources of error in the overall system. This has a positive impact on the assembly process and ultimately on system cost. So the general rule for innovative thermal management with ceramic heat-sinks is: “Keep it simple” – a simplified system structure optimizes cooling. The ceramic materials used are Rubalit® aluminum oxide and Alunit® aluminum nitride, which can feature a number of different metalizations and conductor path structures – if necessary, even three-dimensional and “around the edge”. With its chip-on-heatsink technique, CeramTec has developed a process that also enables optimal thermal coupling to the cooling medium.