UNIDAL®, Al rolled plate



Precision rolled plate UNIDAL® made from alloy EN AW 7019 (AlZn4Mg2), finely milled on both sides and covered with protective film, is characterized by a narrow tolerance of flatness and thickness and has only relatively low residual stresses. The good anodizing and welding capability opens up a wide range of applications for this product.

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Density ρ

2.75 g/cm³ at 20 °C

Surface roughness RMS

0.4 μm



Standard stock sizes: 1520mm x 3020mm and 8-80mm in thickness


Elastic modulus E

71 GPa at 20 °C

Elongation A50 A50

8 - 13 % at 20 °C

Hardness, HBW HBW

125 - 130 [-] at 20 °C

Test method: 2.5/62.5

Tensile strength Rm

390 - 420 MPa at 20 °C

Yield strength Rp0.2 Rp0.2

330 - 370 MPa at 20 °C


Coefficient of thermal expansion α

2.36E-5 1/K at 20 °C

Specific heat capacity cp

875 J/(kg·K) at 20 °C

Thermal conductivity λ

135 - 150 W/(m·K) at 20 °C


Electrical conductivity σel

1.90E+7 - 2.30E+7 S/m at 20 °C

Technological properties


Non heat treatable

Processing history

Temper: T651

This material data has been provided by Gleich Aluminum.

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