SupremEX® 620XF T5 Precision Extrusion (6061B)

Alternative and trade names
SupremEX® 620XF
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A high quality aerospace grade aluminum alloy (6061B) reinforced with 20 vol.% silicon carbide particles which produces a metal matrix composite (MMC). 620XF is manufactured via a powder metallurgy route using a mechanical alloying process to ensure a homogeneous reinforcement distribution, providing a refined grain structure enhancing mechanical properties. The MMC is heat treatable offering high strength and modulus for structural applications and is available in billet, forged and extruded forms.

620XF Advantages:

  • Precision section extrusion using standard dies
  • Reduced wall thickness offering weight saving
  • High stiffness and strength
  • Robust and ductile for damage resistance
  • Good corrosion and fatigue performance
  • Thermally stable
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    23.0 °C

    2.8 g/cm³

    Show Supplier Material materials with Density of 2.8 g/cm³



    Elastic modulus

    23.0 °C

    103 GPa

    Show Supplier Material materials with Elastic modulus of 103 GPa


    23.0 °C

    8 %

    Show Supplier Material materials with Elongation of 8 %

    Poisson's ratio

    23.0 °C

    0.3 [-]

    Show Supplier Material materials with Poisson's ratio of 0.3 [-]

    Tensile strength

    23.0 °C

    360 MPa

    Show Supplier Material materials with Tensile strength of 360 MPa

    Yield strength Rp0.2

    23.0 °C

    240 MPa

    Show Supplier Material materials with Yield strength Rp0.2 of 240 MPa



    Coefficient of thermal expansion

    23.0 °C

    1.7E-5 1/K

    Show Supplier Material materials with Coefficient of thermal expansion of 1.7E-5 1/K

    Melting point

    570 °C

    Show Supplier Material materials with Melting point of 570 °C

    Specific heat capacity

    23.0 °C

    850 J/(kg·K)

    Show Supplier Material materials with Specific heat capacity of 850 J/(kg·K)

    Thermal conductivity

    23.0 °C

    150 W/(m·K)

    Show Supplier Material materials with Thermal conductivity of 150 W/(m·K)

    Technological properties

    Application areas

    Commercial and Military Aerospace: Outlet guide vanes, Hydraulic / Fuel blocks, Wheels, Fixed wing structure/ skins, Helicopter components - Commercial and Preformance Automotive: Pistons, Piston pins, Cylinder liners, Brake calipers, Connecting rods, Push rods, Valve train, Chassis components - Space, Defence and Optical Systems: Optical systems & sensors, Satellite structures, Astronomical telescopes

    Processing history

    Precision Extrusion