E-20 Beryllium

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Beryllium and beryllium oxide metal matrix composites provide outstanding stiffness-to-weight ratios with thermal cycle reliability over a broad temperature range. The high elastic modulus of helps absorb vibrations, lowering the material fatigue of attached modules and wire bonds.

E-Materials offer high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. Their thermal expansion can be adjusted to match that of other materials, such as silicon, gallium arsenide and various ceramics. Features include:

  • Low weight - density
  • High strength
  • High modulus
  • Excellent thermal expansion
  • Excellent thermal conductivity

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    All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
    Equivalent standards are similar to one or more standards provided by the supplier. Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original standard.

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    23.0 °C

    2.05 g/cm³

    Show Supplier Material materials with Density of 2.05 g/cm³



    Elastic modulus

    23.0 °C

    289 GPa

    Show Supplier Material materials with Elastic modulus of 289 GPa



    Coefficient of thermal expansion

    23.0 °C

    9.5E-6 - 1.1E-5 1/K

    Show Supplier Material materials with Coefficient of thermal expansion of 9.5E-6 - 1.1E-5 1/K

    ASTM E228, ASTM E289

    Specific heat capacity

    23.0 °C

    6615 J/(kg·K)

    Show Supplier Material materials with Specific heat capacity of 6615 J/(kg·K)

    Thermal conductivity

    23.0 °C

    200 W/(m·K)

    Show Supplier Material materials with Thermal conductivity of 200 W/(m·K)

    Thermal diffusivity

    23.0 °C

    14.78 mm²/s

    Show Supplier Material materials with Thermal diffusivity of 14.78 mm²/s

    Chemical properties



    BeO: 25.8-32.25%

    Technological properties

    Application areas

    Microelectronics - electronic heat sinks and chill plates, Aerospace - aerospace applications and components, Semiconductor - power devices