The material: 'Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes “Chunky” Powder NC006060 (>90% purity)' you were looking for has been superseded by the one below.

Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes “Chunky” Powder NC006060 (>90% purity)

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Free Standing aligned CNT arrays (Carpets) are synthesized by floating catalyst CVD method within a horizontal quartz reaction tube.

The CNT synthesis parameters are carefully selected to provide maximum-yield of CNT growth, high packing density as well as high graphitization level.

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Ashby charts




Graphitization level

0.3 - 0.4 [-]

Show Material materials with Graphitization level of 0.3 - 0.4 [-]



Nanotube diameter

30 - 90 nm

Show Material materials with Nanotube diameter of 30 - 90 nm

Nanotube length

300 - 1000 µm

Show Material materials with Nanotube length of 300 - 1000 µm



Oxidation threshold

600 - 700 °C

Show Material materials with Oxidation threshold of 600 - 700 °C