UGIMA® 4567 Annealed

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Excellent resistance to cold forming due to the contribution of copper: very good behaviour for thread forming and tapping by rolling. Ideal grade for deep drilling. Slightly better corrosion resistance than UGIMA® 4307 due to its copper content.

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This material data has been provided by Ugitech SA.

"Typical" values were obtained via a literature search. "Predicted" values were imputed via artificial intelligence technology. While we have placed significant efforts in ensuring data accuracy, "typical" and "predicted" data should be considered indicative and verified by appropriate material testing. Please do contact us if additional information on the the predicted data method is required.
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Ashby charts





25.0 - 40.0 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Elongation of 25.0 - 40.0 %

min., depending on the size

Tensile strength

430.0 - 850.0 MPa

Show Supplier Material materials with Tensile strength of 430.0 - 850.0 MPa

depending on the size

Chemical properties




Show Supplier Material materials with Carbon of 0.04



18.0 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Chromium of 18.0 %


0.4 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Molybdenum of 0.4 %


9.5 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Nickel of 9.5 %


3.5 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Sulfur of 3.5 %

Technological properties

Application areas

Mechanical engineering, chemicals industry, offshore, electronic equipment, food and food processing industry, decoration and household appliances

Screw machining: motor shafts, inserts, rivets, screws and nuts, gas couplings, etc.

Parts intended for crimping or deforming, etc. Suitable grade for the automotive market: direct injection, common rail, electro-injectors, etc.

Corrosion properties

Excellent corrosion resistance in natural environments: waters, rural and urban atmospheres where there are no major acid concentrations, and in food and food processing environments (with reservations in certain special cases: white wines, mustards, etc.) and in certain chemical environments: nitric acid, cold diluted organic acids, etc. Unlike type 1.4301 steels (AISI 304), UGIMA® 4307 can be used in diluted chlorinated environments. Resistant to intergranular corrosion, even after welding.


Available products:

ProductShapeSurface finishToleranceDimension

RoundRolled and descaled12 to 1322 to 130 mm
RoundTurned and polished9 to 1122 to 130 mm
RoundDrawn8 to 91.8 to 55 mm
RoundGround7 to 91.8 to 80 mm
HexagonalDrawn113 to 55 mm
Drawn wireRoundMat1 to 14 mm

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