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Brilliance in surface finishing.

Pureon is a leading global supplier of surface finishing solutions for high-tech materials. Formerly known as Microdiamant, a provider of precision surface finishing solutions specialized in diamond-based abrasive products, the company has now acquired US-based Eminess Technologies, a technology leader specializing in advanced critical surface polishing consumables.
With its headquarters in Lengwil, Switzerland, the company is family-run in the third generation and by today, has evolved to be Europe’s largest diamond micronizer and ranks among the top three worldwide for micron diamond powders. Its products and services are distributed through a network of specialized agents with subsidiaries and partners in around 20 countries across Europe, the USA and Asia. As a full-spectrum supplier, Pureon offers solutions used in a variety of industries such as the Precision Industry, Electronics, Semiconductors, Optics, Medtech, Tools and Coatings as well as Luxury Goods. With the services offered in its Surface Lab, Pureon answers to the sectors’ demand for specialists in optimizing and developing fine grinding, lapping and polishing processes.

Pureon provides the following products in addition to the listed materials on Matmatch under the following link: https://pureon.com/products/overview

1) Diamond powder
2) Lapping and polishing slurries, diamond suspensions
3) Diamond compounds
4) Grinding pads and wheels
5) Polishing pads
6) Coolants and lubricants
7) Fixtures, templates, films
8) Wafering, slicing, wire sawing consumables
9) Cleaning and Rinsing detergents

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Lengil, Switzerland

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Manufacturer, Processor and Distributor


IRINO – Composite polishing pads


Our solutions are used in a variety of industries such as the Precision Industry, Electronics, Semiconductors, Optics, Medtech, Tooling and Coatings as well as Luxury Goods

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ISO 9001:2015

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In our Surface Lab we optimize and develop fine grinding, lapping and polishing processes for our customers.

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