MONO-ECO monocrystalline synthetic micron diamond powder, standard size range

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MONO-ECO diamond is a low-cost, monocrystalline metal-bond type diamond. The product is used in cost-sensitive applications, where the diamond cost has a major impact on the overall process cost. MONO-ECO micron diamond is available as diamond powder or as ready-to-use diamond suspension

Particle strength: Monocrystalline diamond particles fracture along the parallel cleavage planes running through the particle. For diamond tools, the particle fracture provides a self- sharpening mechanism and thus increases tool life.

Cost-effectiveness: Thanks to its low cost, MONO-ECO diamond is a good choice for price-sensitive applications. MONO-ECO diamond is often used to replace conventional abrasives.

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Ashby charts





3.51 g/cm³

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Particle size range

60 µm

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Please refer to the technological properties section below for more detailed (narrow) particle size ranges available.



Hardness, Mohs

10 [-]

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Coefficient of thermal expansion

1.1e-06 1/K

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Thermal conductivity

600 - 4000 W/(m·K)

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Band gap

6 eV

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Electrical resistivity

1e+12 - 1e+19 Ω·m

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Refractive index

2 [-]

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Chemical properties



99 %

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min. purity

Technological properties

Application areas

MONO-ECO diamond is typically used for lapping of ceramics, metals and diamond wire dies. Examples of bonded applications include the use of MONO-ECO for wear-resistant surface coatings, for thermal conduction and for grinding tools.


Yellowish Gray

Crystal structure



Standard size range: The standard size range makes this product suitable for applications that focus primarily on cost. The controlled upper size limit ensures a uniform surface quality.

Particle size range table

Micron Size
Median (D50)
Upper Limit (D99)
µm max.
MONO-ECO   (0-0.25)0.150.5
MONO-ECO   (0-0.5)0.250.8
MONO-ECO   (0-1)0.551.3
MONO-ECO   (0.5-1)0.711.5
MONO-ECO   (0-2)1.102.7
MONO-ECO   (0.5-3)1.403.3
MONO-ECO   (1-3)1.903.8
MONO-ECO   (2-4)3.205.5
MONO-ECO   (3-6)4.207.5
MONO-ECO   (4-8)6.3010.5
MONO-ECO   (6-12)9.015.0
MONO-ECO   (8-15)11.419.1
MONO-ECO   (10-20)15.025.0
MONO-ECO   (15-30)22.536.0
MONO-ECO   (20-40)30.048.0
MONO-ECO   (40-60)47.070.5


MONO-ECO diamond is a monocrystalline metal-bond diamond produced by HPHT (high-pressure, high temperature) synthesis. The diamond particles feature an oriented crystal structure with parallel-running cleavage planes, similar to natural diamond. Depending on diamond size, MONO-ECO diamond varies in appearance from light gray to pale yellow.