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Sandvik Materials Technology's business concept is to be the world's leading provider of advanced stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating – without compromising our goals in sustainable development.

Our high value-added products and services are aimed at helping our customers fulfill – and even exceed – their productivity and performance expectations. In creative partnerships, we develop innovative solutions designed to pave the way to their success.

We offer a wide range of highly engineered products based on an integrated production platform and extensive R&D as well as premium standard products.

Based on decades of materials expertise and application knowledge our products and services contribute to improved productivity, reliability and cost efficiency while often reducing the environmental impact in a wide variety of industry segments.


  • Stainless steels, special alloys, titanium and other advanced materials in a variety of product forms, such as tube, strip, wire, bar and various near-net-shape designs
  • Furnace products, heating systems and resistance materials

Strong foundation for continued success

Since Sandvik was established more than 150 years ago, our operations have been based on product innovation, technology leadership and close, long-term customer relationships. This approach is still the cornerstone in our endeavor to reach our vision – to set the industry standard in the areas in which we operate.

Sandvik’s operations are based on unique expertise in materials technology and extensive insight into industrial processes and applications. This combination has resulted in proven capabilities to optimize customer productivity.

Having the right combination of academic qualifications and hands-on experience, we work closely with our customers to jointly discover ways of addressing their challenges. Our various collaborations with leading research centers and universities worldwide, contribute to new or further developed technologies for increased customer value.



Your sustainability goals are our goals, too. Our aim is to lead the ongoing shift in our industry and earn your trust as a true partner when it comes to innovative materials solutions.

To achieve this, we’ve set four sustainability goals for 2030, in line with the UN’s Sustainability Goals and the Paris Climate Accord. They guide all aspects of our approach to steel- making, including the products and services we offer.



For us, a sustainable steel process means that we re-use the steel over and over again. We also rely on highly efficient processes powered by a mix of fossil-free, carbon-reduced or our own residual energy sources. Examples from our mill in Sandviken, Sweden include:

  • 84% recycled material: Our steel is made of 84% secondary raw material content and we’re striving to reach 90%. This ties in with our overall goal of promoting a circular system.
  • Recycled heat exchangers: With certain customers, such as those using heat exchanger tube, we are making special agreements to help disassemble and reuse the material.
  • Switching to biodiesel: We switched 150 diesel-powered forklifts from normal diesel to biodiesel, reducing CO2emissions by 2,200 tonnes per year.
  • Using residual heating: We recycle the residual heat from our steel mill to heat buildings and will be independent of oil for heating all buildings by 2023.
  • Fossil-free energy: We source a large amount of electricity from the Nordic electricity grid, which is based on a mix of fossil-free hydro, wind, solar or nuclear power.

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Stainless steels, special alloys, titanium and other advanced materials in a variety of product forms, such as tube, strip, wire, bar and various near-net-shape designs, furnace products, heating systems and resistance materials Our key applications areas

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To ensure our customers' processes and/or products attain – and even exceed – their performance expectations, we offer a wide range of services within both the technical area and delivery logistics. Our technical services include: • Material consultations through our worldwide sales network • Advice in process optimization based on an in-depth applications knowledge • Joint new product development supported by our extensive R&D program View product groups and services


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