Alternative and trade names
AWS A5.7 Class E CuAl-A2, ASME SFA 5.7 Class E CuAl-A2
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Aluminum bronze is the most versatile welding electrode in this family of alloys. It is intended for deposition with electric arc welding processes.

AMPCO-TRODE® 10 will weld and join many ferrous and nonferrous metals and combinations of dissimilar metals. These metals include the more weldable grades of cast iron, high and low carbon steels, copper, bronzes and copper-nickel alloys.

Applications for AMPCO-TRODE® 10 include: building up bearing surfaces, joining and fabricating copper alloys, overlaying for resistance to corrosion and erosion and general maintenance and repair welding.

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Ashby charts




Recycled Content

80 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Recycled Content of 80 %




23.0 °C

28 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Elongation of 28 %

in 2″ (51 mm)

Hardness, Brinell

23.0 °C

140 [-]

Show Supplier Material materials with Hardness, Brinell of 140 [-]

BHN (3000kg) 1/4″ (6.4mm) deposit

Reduction of area

23.0 °C

28 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Reduction of area of 28 %

Tensile strength

23.0 °C

545 MPa

Show Supplier Material materials with Tensile strength of 545 MPa

Yield strength

23.0 °C

241 MPa

Show Supplier Material materials with Yield strength of 241 MPa

Chemical properties



8.5 - 11 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Aluminium of 8.5 - 11 %


Balance, including silver


0.5 - 1.5 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Iron of 0.5 - 1.5 %


0.5 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Other of 0.5 %



0.1 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Silicon of 0.1 %


Technological properties

Application areas

Welding: Cast iron, Cast iron, Malleable iron, Cast iron to steel, Cast iron to bronze, Steel to bronze, Aluminum bronze, Silicon bronze, Manganese bronze, Cupro-nickel, Copper to steel, Bearings, Bushings, Pump housings, Condenser boxes, Hydraulic pistons, Brake drums, Tractor gear housings, Idler pulleys, Pickling hooks, Paper mill rolls, Motor bases, Tin plate mill rolls, Impellers, Valve seats, Gears, Mixer arms, Press rams, Ship propellers, Lance heads