NuPlastiQ® BC 27240

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NuPlastiQ® BC 27240
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BioPolymer is a unique type of thermoplastic starch (TPS) resin made from natural, renewable agricultural resources such as potatoes, corn, and cassava and is a 100% USDA Certified Bio-based product.

One of the NuPlastiQ® BC family of biodegradable BioPolymers designed for compostable films and bags. Fully compounded and ready for film production.

Due to NuPlastiQ’s unique properties, it can be homogenously blended with other fossil-based plastics (such as PE, PP & PS) or bio-based materials (such as PLA, PBAT and PHA) to create NuPlastiQ BioBlends that increase the sustainability of all plastic products.

Because of its strength, bags made with 25% NuPlastiQ and 75% PE that are downgauged by 30% result in 50% less fossil fuel feedstocks being used to make the bags. Production of NuPlastiQ also generates 80% less CO2 than traditional resins made from fossil-fuel.

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Bio-based content

100 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Bio-based content of 100 %


1.3 g/cm³

Show Supplier Material materials with Density of 1.3 g/cm³


Carbon Footprint




Elastic modulus

0.195 GPa

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272 %

Show Supplier Material materials with Elongation of 272 %


Flexural modulus

0.237 GPa

Show Supplier Material materials with Flexural modulus of 0.237 GPa


Tensile strength

12 MPa

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Melting point

140 - 160 °C

Show Supplier Material materials with Melting point of 140 - 160 °C

ASTM D3418

Rheological Properties


Melt mass-flow rate

3.7 g/10min

Show Supplier Material materials with Melt mass-flow rate of 3.7 g/10min

ASTM D1238 (190°C/2.16 kg)

Technological properties

Application areas

NuPlastiQ® BC 27240 is intended for bags and film applications that require at least 40% bio-content. Used for products that require biodegradation and are intended for compost environments.


USDA Certified Bio-based product

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