Graphene Ink



Graphene ink, GNP ink, organic (carbon) ink. Graphene based ink. Electrically conductive, flexible.



Viscosity η‎

5.5 Pa·s at 20 °C

average over 400s


Thickness t

6.999999999999999E-3 mm

cured thickness


Curing temperature Tcure

100 °C


Sheet resistivity ρel,sheet

15 Ω/sq at 20 °C

normalised to 20 µm

Technological properties

Application areas

Light flexible displays, plastic electronics, printed circuit boards, liquid crystal displays, thin film photovoltaics, e-paper, sensors and OLEDs


The key features are: No added metals - 100% organic (graphene enhanced), curable at less than 100°C, can be applied to a variety of surfaces, flexible on appropriate substrate, low mass, customisable ink formulations available, solids content of 40%, 1g of ink will cover an approximate area of 550cm²

This material data has been provided by Goodfellow.

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