Tribotecc® Fibratecc® SF 150 Functional Fibers, Steel fibers

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Tribotecc® Fibratecc® SF 150 is a solid lubricant based on functional steel fibers and iron sulfide. The key benefits of Tribotecc® Fibratecc® SF 150 are:

  • A significant decrease of friction resistance by functional fibers that are coated with metal sulfides
  • Therefore less powder solid lubricant is needed
  • Excellent tribological characteristics: The fibers form contact plateaus at those points where friction occurs. Because the fibers are coated with a lubricating layer of metal sulfides, they are wear-resistant
  • A strong reduction of dust, especially respirable particles
  • The non-use of Cu- and Sb
  • Forms protective layers of different contact surfaces over a wide temperature and pressure range

    Fiber InformationLength (mm)Diameter (mm)

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    Ashby charts





    23.0 °C

    6.4 g/cm³

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    Sieve residue 45μm

    80 %

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    Volatile share

    0.1 %

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    at 105°C

    Chemical properties



    80 - 92 %

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    9 - 20 %

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    Technological properties

    Application areas

    Tribotecc® Fibratecc® SF 150 is characterized by its functional steel fibers and excellent tribological characteristics.

    Combined with the ability to decrease the friction coefficient significantly as well as safe and economical use this product is ideal for a wide range of applications:

    E.g. as a high performance additive for steel industry.