Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW)

About Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW)

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW) is one of the world’s leading producers and processors of special steel long products and belongs to the Swiss Steel Group. In the three materials groups – engineering steel, tool steel and stainless, acid and heat resistant steel – Deutsche Edelstahlwerke offers international customers a uniquely wide range of product dimensions, from drawn wire with a diameter of 4.5 mm to open-die forgings with a diameter of 1,100 mm. As a partner with technical competence in steel, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke develops innovative, individual special steel solutions for complex high-tech applications and offers services ranging from steelmaking to extensive steel processing and steel finishing.

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DEW worldwide patent portfolio consisted of appr. 27 granted patents and 18 pending patents

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Additionally: plastic mould steel, hot work tool steels, cold work tool steels, high speed steels, PM-steels, austenitic steels, ferritic steels, martensitic steels, duplex steels, heat-resistant steels, creep-resistant steels, non-magnetic steels, valve steels, aerospace steels, bearing steels, spring steels, chain steels, nitriding steels, precipitation-hardening ferritic-perlitic steels, cold upsetting/ cold extrusion steels, case-hardening steels, heat-treatable steels, special materials, ballistic steels, Ferro-Titanit, Nikrodur, Kombidur, dental alloys (Ni-, Co-based), filler materials and welding consumables, stainless steel


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