ASTM A108 Carbon and Alloy Steel Bars


What is ASTM?

ASTM is the common designation for the ASTM International (formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials). ASTM International is an American based standard organisation that oversees the development and curation of technical standards. One of these technical standards is A108.

What is A108?

The ASTM A108 (A108M is the equivalent metric version of A108) is a standard specification created to help define the technical requirements for Steel Bars, Carbon and Alloy, Cold-Finished. It is stated by ASTM International that the ASTM A108 specification details cold-finished carbon and alloy steel bars for heat treatment, for post-processing into components, or for as-finished condition as shafting or in constructional applications. Materials described in A108 may be cold drawn, cold rolled, ground, heat treated, hot wrought, polished and turned.  Steel grades for A108 are defined by their chemical composition. ASTM A108 equivalent materials in other standards may be found by investigating the individual steel grades.

Steel Grades of A108

Grade Naming Convention:

  • 10XX – Plain Carbon Steel, Mn 1.00% Max
  • 11XX – Resulfurized free machining carbon steels
  • 12XX - Resulfurized / rephosphorized free machining carbon steels.

See material pages of the steel grades of ASTM A108 for greater details on the material properties and equivalent materials:

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