Tribotecc® Ferrostar

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Tribotecc® Ferrostar is a synthetic ironsulfide. Due to its significant tribological properties, it is an ideal solid lubricant.

The key benefits of Tribotecc® Ferrostar as an additive are:

  • A significant reduction of coefficient of friction and wear
  • An improvement of emergency running properties
  • An improvement of sliding, rotating friction and durability
  • The formation of stable layers of different contact surfaces over a wide temperature and pressure range
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Improvement of the heat distribution in the friction interface
  • Mild abrasive characteristics - cleans surface at low speeds and low loads
  • Excellent tribological characteristics

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    Ashby charts





    23.0 °C

    4.6 - 5 g/cm³

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    Volatile share

    0.2 %

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    at 105°C



    Max service temperature

    475 °C

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    Melting point

    1188 °C

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    Oxidation threshold

    475 °C

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    Specific heat capacity

    23.0 °C

    714 J/(kg·K)

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    Thermal conductivity

    23.0 °C

    0.59 W/(m·K)

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    Thermal diffusivity

    23.0 °C

    0.25 mm²/s

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    Chemical properties



    61 %

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    Technological properties

    Application areas

    Tribotecc® Ferrostar is characterized by its excellent tribological characteristics, wear and friction properties.

    Because of its high thermal conductivity and temperature stability Tribotecc® Ferrostar is an ideal solid lubricant which can be used alone or in combination with other lubricants.

    As a reason this product can be perfectly used in the following fields of application as an additive:

  • Solid lubricants
  • Disc brake pads, OE/OES and AM
  • Friction linings, OE/OES and AM
  • Use in other friction materials

  • Color