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Extrudr Support

About Extrudr

Extrudr is specialized on producing and developing technical monofilaments and constantly collaboration with research institutes and companies to materialize their visions.
The product portfolio includes all suitable materials for additive manufacturing especially for FDM/FFF technology, which mean ABS, PA6, TPE, PETG and also next generation heat resistant bio compounds for industrial and medical usage.
As a service, materials used at the mass production can also be sampled for prototyping usage.

Company profile

Headquarters Lauterach, Austria
Revenue 2-10M USD
Number of employees 11-50
Year founded 2014
Processing capabilities 300t/year
Extra services Providing the possibility to sample the material from the mass production to get a 1:1 prototype; Customized color starting at 10kg
Minimum order quantity 1 spool – smallest coil at the moment 0,75kg


  • Austria
    FD3D GmbH
    Klosterstraße 13
    6923 Lauterach