Incandescent Lamp Quality Molybdenum Lanthanoxide (MoILQ) Wire

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MoILQ is a microdoped molybdenum alloy with a lanthanum oxide content of only 0.03 percent by weight which has been specially developed for use in the lighting industry. Thanks to its specially adapted dopant content, its recrystallization temperature is higher than that of pure molybdenum. After recrystallization, its microstructure is also more fine-grained than in the case of pure molybdenum. Compared to other ML materials, MoILQ is more suitable for forming and therefore easier to process.

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Ashby charts


Chemical properties



0.03 %

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as La₂O₃



Technological properties

Application areas

MoILQ is used for the core and support wires in the manufacture of filaments for incandescent and halogen lamps.