The newly developed Printdur® HSA is characterized by the following properties:

  • Good processability with LPBF.
  • Printdur HSA is produced without the alloying element nickel. As a result, the safety regulations during the processing of the powder are significantly reduced.
  • Significantly increased yield strength, tensile strength and hardness compared to typical austenitic steels (like e.g. 316L).
  • High corrosion resistance (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number) PREN = 36 compared to typical austenitic steels (316L = 28).
  • High tendency to work hardening.
  • High resistance to cavitation.

  • A subsequent heat treatment can increase the toughness.
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    Bulk density ρbulk

    4.3 g/cm³ at 20 °C

    Hall flow HF

    16.8 s/50g at 20 °C

    Particle size range drange

    10 - 53 µm


    Charpy impact energy, V-notch aK,charpy,V-notch

    50 J at 20 °C

    Elongation A5 A5

    30 % at 20 °C

    Hardness, Rockwell C HRC

    35 [-] at 20 °C

    Tensile strength Rm

    1120 MPa at 20 °C

    Yield strength Rp0.2 Rp0.2

    915 MPa at 20 °C


    Relative magnetic permeability μrel

    1.01 [-] at 20 °C

    max., None magnetic

    Chemical properties


    Weight %






    21 %


    18 %


    2 %


    1 %



    Technological properties

    Application areas

    The properties of Printdur® HSA offer a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering, e.g. food and chemical industry, pump components, the power plant industry or the automotive industy.

    Corrosion properties

    In printed condition Prindur® HSA is corrosion resistant according to SEP 1877 Method II (intergranular corrosion resistance test) and ASTM G48 Method E (pitting corrosion resistance test).

    Processing history

    The powder is produced by gas atomization.

    Processing methods

    Printdur® HSA can be processed on LPBF systems. The process parameters are similar to those of 316L. Please contact us for further information.

    This material data has been provided by Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel (DEW).

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