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SABIC® mLLDPE 7118LE is a metallocene ethylene-hexene copolymer. It has a good processability and performs well in a wide range of general purpose and high performance blown film applications. Films produced with this grade offer good tensile and impact strength, puncture resistance and sealing properties. The resin contains anti-block and slip agent. SABIC® mLLDPE 7118LE is typically used for applications like heavy duty bags, agriculture film, stretch hood, lamination film, frozen bags. Properties have been measured on blown film of 25 µm (mono layer) and BUR = 2.5 Typical processing conditions for SABIC® mLLDPE 7118LE: processing temperatures 180 - 230 °C. This product is not intended for and must not be used in any pharmaceutical/medical applications.

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Ashby charts




Tear strength

23.0 °C

147 kN/m

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ASTM D1922

Tear strength, transverse

23.0 °C

225.4 kN/m

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ASTM D1922




29 %

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ASTM D1003

Technological properties

Application areas

Heavy duty bags, agriculture film, stretch hood, lamination film, frozen bags.