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SABIC® HDPE F00952 resin is a high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene copolymer which has been designed specifically for blown film extrusion. It has broad molecular distribution and high density combine succesfully to give excellent extrudability with high film strength and rigidity. The material contains anti oxidant. ApplicationSABIC® HDPE F00952 resin isrecommended for blown film extrusion. This product is suggested for the manufacture of high strength grocery sacks, shopping bags and high quality thin films for multi wall sack liners and replacement for thin paper products. Films of this poduct are readily treated and printed to give high quality graphics.Processing conditionsSABIC® HDPE F00952 can be extruded on conventional HMW-HDPE equipment at melt temperatures between 200 and 235 °C.Film propertiesFilm properties have been measured at 15 µm blown film with a BUR = 4.

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All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.
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Ashby charts





23.0 °C

0.95 g/cm³

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ASTM D1505



Tear strength

23.0 °C

117.6 kN/m

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ASTM D1922

Tear strength, transverse

23.0 °C

588 kN/m

Show Material materials with Tear strength, transverse of 588 kN/m

ASTM D1922

Technological properties

Application areas

Grocery sacks, shopping bags, thin films for multi wall sack liners, replacement for thin paper products.