High-temperature alloy VDM® Alloy C-264

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VDM® Alloy C-264 is a nickel-based superalloy developed by VDM Metals. It was developed for high-temperature corrosive environments such as those present in turbochargers.

In addition to the main component of nickel, VDM® Alloy C-264 contains 25 wt.% chromium, 20 wt.% cobalt, 5.5 wt.% molybdenum, 1.7 wt.% titanium and 1.1 wt.% aluminium. The metal exhibits both excellent strength and creep resistance at temperatures up to 930°C.

Creep is defined as the time-dependent progressive plastic deformation, which occurs when a material is placed under continuous strain.

VDM® Alloy C-264 outperforms similar materials such as alloy C-263 in terms of creep resistance and the strain hardening component between 850°C and 930°C. This is achieved by increasing the stability of the γ’ phase, the main strengthening phase, at temperatures above 800°C, while inhibiting the formation of the unfavourable η phase.

The difference in composition between the two materials is 5 wt.% greater chromium, slightly greater aluminium content and slightly lower titanium content in VDM® Alloy C-264.

The superior properties of VDM® Alloy C-264 are also attributed to the solution annealing and subsequent age-hardening processes. In solution annealing, any precipitates in the material are dissolved to ensure a single phase above the solution annealing temperature.

The material is then rapidly quenched to prevent new precipitation. In age-hardening, (also known as precipitation hardening) the yield strength of the material is increased by then purposefully introducing precipitates in a controlled manner by maintaining the material at a high temperature for an extended period of time.

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High performance for turbocharger applications

VDM® Alloy C-264 is especially suited for application in turbochargers. It’s superior creep resistance and strength up to 930°C and resistance to corrosion make it the ideal material for use in such an extreme environment. Its main advantage for this application is that it allows for an increased turbocharger operating temperature.

VDM® Alloy C-264 is also ideal for use in aerospace applications as well as in the chemical processing industry.

VDM delivers this alloy in strip form between 0.15 mm and 3 mm, with other forms available upon request.


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