EN 10152 Grade DC01 skin passed

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The non-alloy, electrolytically galvanized steel DC01+ZE is suitable for cold forming of simple profile forms and components. Mechanical folding is possible for thicknesses up to 1,5 mm. For freedom from stretcher strains applies a term of 3 months after provision of the products for surface type B. The following zinc platings are available (double-sided): ZE 25/25 (nominal zinc plating 2,5 µm equivalent 18 g/m²) ZE 50/50 (nominal zinc plating 5,0 µm equivalent 36 g/m²) ZE 75/75 (nominal zinc plating 7,5 µm equivalent 54 g/m²) ZE 100/100 (zinc plating 10 µm equivalent 72 g/m²) Differentially galvanized band is available by agreement. Following surface conditions are possible: P...phosphated PC...phosphated and chemical treated C...chemical passivated PCO...phosphated, chemical treated and oiled CO...chemical passivated and oiled PO...phosphated and oiled O...oiled S...sealed U...without surface treatment Application of DC01 + ZE: household appliances industry, car manufacturing, construction trade, traffic engineering

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23.0 °C

7.8 - 7.9 g/cm³

Show Material materials with Density of 7.8 - 7.9 g/cm³

Typical for Low Carbon Steel



Elastic modulus

23.0 °C

200 - 215 GPa

Show Material materials with Elastic modulus of 200 - 215 GPa

Typical for Low Carbon Steel

Elongation A80

20.0 °C

28 %

Show Material materials with Elongation A80 of 28 %

Elongation A80, transverse

20.0 °C

24 - 28 %

Show Material materials with Elongation A80, transverse of 24 - 28 %

Poisson's ratio

23.0 °C

0.29 [-]

Show Material materials with Poisson's ratio of 0.29 [-]

Typical for Low Carbon Steel

Shear modulus

23.0 °C

82 GPa

Show Material materials with Shear modulus of 82 GPa

Typical for Low Carbon Steel

Tensile strength

20.0 °C

270 - 410 MPa

Show Material materials with Tensile strength of 270 - 410 MPa

Tensile strength, transverse

20.0 °C

270 - 410 MPa

Show Material materials with Tensile strength, transverse of 270 - 410 MPa

Yield strength

20.0 °C

140 - 280 MPa

Show Material materials with Yield strength of 140 - 280 MPa

Yield strength, transverse

20.0 °C

140 - 320 MPa

Show Material materials with Yield strength, transverse of 140 - 320 MPa



Coefficient of thermal expansion

23.0 °C

1.32E-5 - 1.38E-5 1/K

Show Material materials with Coefficient of thermal expansion of 1.32E-5 - 1.38E-5 1/K

Typical for Low Carbon Steel

Max service temperature

500 °C

Show Material materials with Max service temperature of 500 °C

Typical for Carbon Steel

Melting point

1480 - 1526 °C

Show Material materials with Melting point of 1480 - 1526 °C

Typical for Low Carbon Steel

Specific heat capacity

23.0 °C

465 J/(kg·K)

Show Material materials with Specific heat capacity of 465 J/(kg·K)

Typical for Low Carbon Steel

Thermal conductivity

23.0 °C

25 - 93 W/(m·K)

Show Material materials with Thermal conductivity of 25 - 93 W/(m·K)

Typical for Low Carbon Steel



Electrical resistivity

23.0 °C

1.43E-7 - 1.74E-7 Ω·m

Show Material materials with Electrical resistivity of 1.43E-7 - 1.74E-7 Ω·m

Typical for Carbon Steel



Curie temperature

770 °C

Show Material materials with Curie temperature of 770 °C

Typical for Low Carbon Steel

Chemical properties



0.12 %

Show Material materials with Carbon of 0.12 %


0.6 %

Show Material materials with Manganese of 0.6 %


0.05 %

Show Material materials with Phosphorus of 0.05 %


0.045 %

Show Material materials with Sulfur of 0.045 %